Marx Foods is an online specialty & gourmet food retailer that focuses on bringing the highest quality ingredients to home chefs & restaurants. As the Senior Digital Designer, I created web graphics, built digital marketing emails, and coded in HTML & CSS for front-end design.

The recent turn-of-the-decade brought updates to the site's backend, and an opportunity to bring the Marx Foods brand up to speed with modern design & functionality. When it was time to start planning the redesign, I took the lead in creating the site's 8th iteration. This overhaul included a refresh of the UI & UX, and an updated brand style guide that spanned across web, photography, and digital marketing design standards.

Art Direction, Web Design, UI/UX, Branding, Illustration, Digital Marketing, Photography

gif of web front pages
marx foods mobile mockup
marx foods desktop mockup
whiteboard showing information architecture
site navigation
old vs new marx foods logo
marx foods mobile mockups
marx foods wireframe vs high-res mockup
marx foods email
marx foods email
marx foods email